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Solar, Cam Butler's new album is out now released through Melbourne label, Kasumuen Records

"Solar takes us on a magnificent sonic journey, from sweeping vistas to thunder and rain, from crystalline guitars to string arrangements that are weeping and melancholy one minute and that thunder and rage the next."

Arun Kendall,

"Genres blend and collapse on Solar with seeming ease, Butler in one part tearing through a track as part of the guitar trio and in another roaring alongside the string orchestra. If the music exudes power and dynamism, that's to be expected from a project whose title carries it with associations with the sun, energy, and solar power."

Ron Schepper,

"Majestic and beautifully constructed soundscapes."

Australian Musician Magazine

Order 'Solar' on 180gm vinyl or as gatefold card CD here -

Or, go to Cam's Bandcamp page

'Solar is built around one main musical theme that re-occurs throughout the record. This theme is developed and presented in various musical settings across the album's eight tracks. These tracks range in sound from lush, synthetic soundscapes to live pieces featuring a string quartet and also a fourteen-piece string orchestra, combined with electric guitar, bass and percussion. I aimed for all the pieces on Solar to be exciting and enthralling in equal measure.'

Cam Butler is a Melbourne-based composer, guitarist and producer who has been active for over twenty-five years in the Australian live and recording scene. Cam has developed a recognisable guitar and compositional sound that puts individuality and experimentation at its heart. He has released nine solo, instrumental albums which vary from guitar and synthetic soundscapes to works with string ensembles, both large and small. Cam has created a unique and genre-blending compositional approach; combining electric guitar and modern, classical string sections into a rich and sometimes otherworldly sound. This sound is primarily tonal, with a cinematic expression and sweeping melodies full of depth and emotion.


Find Your Love - Cam's album from 2017

Find You Love is the new album from Cam Butler. Comprising a mini orchestra including a fourteen-piece string section, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, Find Your Love is full of lush textures and sweeping melodies. Find Your Love is Cam's most exciting work to date, with a sound unlike anything else.

"In making Find Your Love, I wanted to create an album which has a thrilling and exciting ensemble sound. I did this by composing for, and recording, a fourteen-piece string orchestra with a live backing band. My unique electric guitar sound is a major feature of Find Your Love too, helping to create an emotive and personal world.

I have been working for many years on a dream of a sound that combines strings, guitars and rock'n'roll rhythm sections. I think that Find Your Love is the most successful realisation of this sound and is my small way of bringing some music into the world that is alive, rich and full of feeling."

Find Your Love digital booklet pdf is here to download

Find Your Love is also now out on "Deluxe 180 gram" 12" vinyl, through Magnetic South Records in Melbourne. Copies are available on Bandcamp.

Self Portrait :: out now ::

Cam Butler (Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love, The Coralinas, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions, Silver Ray) is a unique electric guitarist and composer with an instantly recognisable sound. Rather than relying on fx, Cam uses plectrums, his fingers, found objects, brushes, capos and tunings to fashion his soulful, 21st century guitar music. A lover of the sound of strings, he has composed epic music for string quartets, string orchestras, singers and bands.

His new album, Self Portrait, is a collection of solo electric guitar instrumentals floating on a cushion of mysterious, other-worldly electro-acoustic backings. It's up on Soundcloud as a mixtape:

Here's Self Portrait on Bandcamp:


Other recordings include 2012's Save My Soul, which features a 23 piece string orchestra. All of Cam's music can be listened to and purchased on his Bandcamp page.

Save My Soul ::

To listen and download a high resolution version (or mp3's) of Save My Soul, please click below to go to the Cam Butler Bandcamp page.

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Save My Soul (2012) - here's a video by Jake Simkin of the title track to Save My Soul. From a suite of 5 videos especially created for the whole album.


To hear Cam's work with Ron S. Peno and The Superstitions, please click here

To purchase copies of any of Cam's older albums (Crazy Dreams, Go Slow, Healing Feelings etc) please click here